Pools as term of abuse


 The English equivalent of the Dutch word Pools is Polish. Today as well as in the past, Dutch Pools meant 'from Poland'. In the past, Pools was however also used in pejorative appellations. In this respect, the Dutch word Pools had the same function as the English word Dutch in expressions like Dutch treat, Dutch crossing, Dutch bargain, double Dutch, Dutch comfort, Dutch metal, Dutch book, Dutch concert, Dutch courage, Dutch act, Dutch foil, Dutch gold, go Dutch, Dutch crossing, Dutch nightingale. Three of the Dutch appellations with the adjective Pools are still used in our days: Poolse landdag ('a bedlam'), het ging er Pools aan toe ('there were wild goings-on'), and Poolse bok ('a bagpipe').

 Some expressions which were used in earlier days: Pools chocolaadje: 'a glass of brandy with pepper', Poolse bok in the sense of 'instrument of torture', namely a bar with a sharp point as a seat for a nude victim, so the point penetrates his crotch, or een Poolse poep laten: literally "let off a fart", used when an unmarried woman was pregnant.