The long king in Spain


Putting forward some historical developments in Spain, we can pass some comment on the long king in Spanish draughts. Like Italy and France, Spain underwent influence from the former Roman empire. Draughts players in both Italy and France played the variety we call English Draughts today, with its short king. Spanish, Italian and French are different languages, but all three are continuations of a Latin dialect. Latin is the language that was spoken by the Romans. In the past, draughts in Italy and France was played with a short king ˗˗ and still in Italy, together with International Draughts. What can be the origin of the variety with the short king? Evidently it has been played there for many centuries.

 Spanish draughts, however, is played with a long king. Where does it come from? Well, in the early 9th century the Moors, ˗˗the Moors are Moroccan and Arab tribes˗˗ conquered a large part of the Spanish territory. Between about 800 and 1300 AD they controlled the country. For this reason we assume that draughts with the long king was already practiced in North Africa and/or the Middle East. It is not permitted to state that the long king was invented there, it could have been borrowed from another civilization. We don't know.

 In Russia and The Netherlands, countries that were not occupied by the Moors, draughts is also played with a long king. What was its origin? And was is the origin of the long king in Thailand, for instance? Before the 17th century, the Thai culture was free from influences from Arab and Western cultures.