The huff as a tactical weapon

 Two positions in 10x10 draughts where the same huff trick brought the victory.



 The position at the first diagram occurred in a game played by two French players in the late 19th c.

 "I have won the game", the player with the four black kings said.

 His opponent refused to surrender. "Please make your move", he replied. Black played 1. 48-39, White's reply was 1.... 50x20.

 Black did not look to White's move; he expected 50x15 and immediately played 2. 16-38. Now he is lost: White huffed the king on 47 and took the king on 38: 15x47!


 The second position came at the board during a game played in Nice (France) in 1907.

 It is a drawn position, but White, a Dutchman living in France, took a risk by trying a trick, playing 1. 6-28. Black, a Frenchman, wanted to catch the white king: 1...41-46 2. 28x10?!

 History repeats itself: Black expected 28x5 and played without looking to White's move 2...27-32.

 Then he saw his king huffed, and his piece taken by 3. 10x46.

 The Dutchman's knack worked!